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Old Souls

Have you ever met an animal who seemed different? An animal who knew how to do things that it was never taught?

What if you learned that these animals, these Old Souls, were waging a war against the powers of darkness? The battles have been raging since the beginning of time. Humans have called the demons sent by Ahriman, abonsam, goblins and gremlins. Their names have changed over time but their purpose has not. The only things stopping the gremlins from causing chaos and suffering in the world are the Old Souls sent by Ahura Mazda. Now the creatures are after a little girl destined to be an instrument of goodness. One special Old Soul, a puppy, has been appointed to keep her safe.

Expected Release Date: Late 2018

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Griffins of Elderwood

Book 2- The Secret Grows

(working title)

(a young reader series)

The nearby village of Ash Falls has been attacked by a huge flock of wyverns that destroyed their farms and killed many of their people. Chiara and Zae are being sent with their griffins to help find and destroy the giant flock before it can come  back and finish off the town. But the flock is nowhere to be found. When the flock appears out of nowhere , one of the creatures holds a new mystery. What is the secret behind the giant flocks of wyverns?

Beta readers needed soon

Expected Release Date: Early 2018

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